History of Aga Khan Laboratories in Karachi

Aga Khan Laboratory is performing over 7 million tests annually. Special specimen were also received from UAE, East Africa and Central Asia. Aga Khan maintains the quality of its Clinical Laboratory services with a very vigilant quality assurance program by reguarly participating in surveys of quality of College of American Pathologists CAP. Lab Systems of Aga Khan Hospital is also re-certified by JCIA in 2009 which strengthens the international quality standards.

First Laboratory: Opened in 1985 as a tertiary lab at AKUH Stadium Road, Karachi
Outreach opening: Started in 1987 as a specimen collection unit

Current Status of AKUH Laboratory
Current status of Labs are state of the art. Right now it is working as a three-tier lab system. Which includes a tertiary reference lab with STAT labs and different phlebotomy stations. Right now there are over 200 aku lab specimen collection units across Pakistan.

Aga Khan Karachi Collection Units in Different Cities
Looking for the whole list of Lab specimen collection units, their exact locations, complete address with contact details is compiled.
Laboratory Staff Strength
Right now AKUH Laboratory employed persons comprised of more than 40 highly qualified, trained faculty. 220 lab technologists.

Lab Equipment
State of the art, latest and modern equipment with more than 700 tests being performed.

Speciment collections Units are present almost in each and every city of Pakistan. A network of these units are spread over four provinces. Additionally, Gilgist Baltistan, Azad Kashmir have 190 Lab Specimen collection units with 11 STAT labs at work.