ACTH Stimulation Test

ACTH Stimulation Test is also know as Short Synacthen Test. The purpose of this test is to detect adrenocortical insufficiency which is low plasma cortisol concentration. This could occur due to defects in adrenal cortex or secondaraily ACTH deficiency. Subnormal response is detected by administrating exogenous ACTH. Addison's disease reflect high ACTH levels while low levels of ACTH are found in its deficiency.

Preparation for the ACTH Stimulation Test
Patients are instructed to be available at 8 - 9 am in morning. Glucocorticoid medications should be stopped. While there is no other special instructions required to be followed.

Contraindications to follow
  • Cushing syndrome
  • Pregnancy
  • Viral Infections
  • Heart Failure
  • Allergy
ACTH Levels Interpretation
Normal Values are
  • Post test stimulation of >200nmol/L from baseline
  • Post test stimulation value <550nmol/L
How a sample for ACTH Stimulation Test in Aga Khan Lab is taken?
Subsequent samples are taken after 30 and 60 minutes to the intravenous administration injection of synacthen. Which are compared with the baseline cortisol sample.

Synacthen Tests in Aga Khan Labs
There are two types of ACTH tests performed in AKUH
  • Short Synacthen-17OH Prog - Test Charges: Rs.8510/-
  • Short Synacthen-Cortisol - Test Charges: Rs.5140/-
Where to buy Synacthen Injection for ACTH Test?
You can get this injection from nearest Pharmacy available.

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Aga Khan Lab Test Charges

Aga Khan Laboratory Karachi operates 24/7 for all the patients. These services are provided at optimal rates for all the patients. If doctors or patients are willing to avail the laboratory services you can have a look at the aga khan lab charges. This will help out the patient visit to the laboratory test charges and swift process of getting test done and acquiring the final reports.

Aga Khan Lab charges vary test to test. Specific tests have a specific range of rates. We are listing some of the most aga khan lab tests with their charges.

Laboratory Test
Lab Test Charges
Blood Culture
Rs. 1500
Rs. 600
CBC ESR Platelets
Rs. 710
Thyroid Profile
Rs. 2520
Anti Thyroid Peroxidase
Rs. 750
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Harmone
Rs. 1050
Urine pH
Rs. 220
Uric Acid
Rs. 540
Fasting Glucose
Rs. 320
Random Glucose
Rs. 320
Glucose Tolerance Test/ Glucose Challenge Test
Rs. 480
CSF Glucose
Rs. 280
Abo Blood Group RH Factor
Rs. 560
Rs. 11360
Large Autopsy
Rs. 3280
Water Culture
Rs. 320
Rs. 930
White Blood Count
Rs. 2650
Varicella Zoster Virus Antibody
Rs. 1960
Thalessemia by PCR
Rs. 26480
Thalessemia PCR in Bloog
Rs. 15130
Rs. 480
Dengue Igm
Rs. 1760
Dengue Rapid NS1 Antigen
Rs. 1760
Malaria Parasite
Rs. 560
Malaria Antigen
Rs. 1060

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